Welcome to GraDAna

    Gradana consists of 5 EU partners (3 top HEIs+2 SMEs) and 7 top Iranian HEIs. The involved Iranian HEIs lead research & education nationwide and are geographically balanced. The project seeks to foster HE cooperation between EU and Iran. It improves entrepreneurship and employability of Iranian HE graduates by elevating their competences in the emerging field of Data Analytics (DA). Involved EU partners have outstanding background in DA and related disciplines. GraDAna transfers know-hows, experiences and best-practices to Iranian HEIs through its sustainable international university-enterprise cooperation plans.

    Gradana aims at:Exploiting Iran’s potentials in science and industry as a “terra incognita”, especially after the recent removal of long time sanctions and new cooperation agreements between Iran and Europeans Improving entrepreneurship, employability and competitiveness of graduates through modernised trainings in DA and related disciplines Supporting the 2nd largest unemployed group of graduates in Iran (IT sector) by enhancing their professional competences Addressing “Iranian Governmental Policy on Developing Strategies to Support VET for HE Graduates”Proving the extrovert, multicultural and collaborative EU approach to globalization Sharing European expertise from internationally renowned HEIs and cross-fertilization with Iranian priorities in HEInclusion of regional business/industry stakeholders in the project events.

    Gradana has strong impacts on:Capacity building in HRM through training and mobility of HE staff and graduates Advancing international competitiveness of Iranian IT sector by modernizing domain specific know-how in lines with European standards Stimulating successful entrepreneurship and economic growth in Iran by shortening the gap between HE & enterprises in IT sectorSustainable dissemination and exploitation of the project results in micro and macro levels through engagement of regional/national/international stakeholders.




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